Tammie Barber:
Wendy truly cares about the integrity of the hair first and if you have a problem with your scalp, Wendy tends to it right away.  Loyalty, Wendy is very loyal to her customers and doesn't compromise her customer service.  Wendy is always up on the latest trends to keep you and your hair looking GREAT!!!!
Valerie Shelton:
My hair stylist treats me like a real person.  When I'm in Wendy's chair she is only focused on me during my time of service.  Not only does my hair look good my scalp is always clean.  My rapport with Wendy is more than my hair stylist, She is my friend.
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310 419 4407
A word from Wendy,
It is very important for the hair stylist and client to share almost the same vision about the final outcome of the hairstyle, overall condition and desired length of the hair.  When the client shows that he/she can trust the hair stylist and their opinion, it will allow the hair stylist to be creative and give you the client their very best that they have to offer .  
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